The Six Best Ways To Grow An Instagram Account

Instagram is an incredibly popular website and app that many are using to amass a following. If you are looking to grow your account, regardless of what your niche is, you will need to take active steps to ensure continuous growth. Though there are accounts that simply seem to pop off, the reality is that growing an Instagram account is a marketing labor of love. In this article, we will discuss how to organically grow your account.

Be A Reliable Contributor

In the Instagram world, nothing is more important than new content. If you really want to make your account follow-worthy, you will need to post constantly. A major part of successful Instagram marketing is creating a reliable posting schedule. You want your fans to know that if they follow you, they will be able to rely on new content. Many popular accounts rise to the top by focusing on providing consistent content.

Produce Professional Content

In order to be successful in any media-focused platform, you must take the time to create exceptional content. No one wants to follow an account that does not match the professionalism of other accounts. Make sure that you produce well-made and well-shot content that is on-brand. The difference between a casual account and a professional one is often the quality of the content. Pairing professional content with paid ads is a great way to reach followers quickly and draw them to your page.

Engage Your Followers

Instagram is proving to be well-known for its influencer marketing. Instagram influencers are individuals who offer engaging lifestyle content in a set niche, but that isn’t all that they do. The key to successful social media marketing in this day and age is engaging your audience. When you post content, let your followers know that you are talking to them. Ask questions and speak to them directly in posts. It makes your brand more interactive and fun.

Respond To Comments

When growing an account, you want to show that there is a real person running it. Responding to comments is one of the most effective ways to show your audience that you are real. More importantly, responding to comments will encourage engagement on your platform.

Post Regular Stories

Stories are one of the exciting features that Instagram has to offer and though they started off rocky, now all major accounts post them. Stories are another fun way for you to engage your audience and post content that is a little more casual.

Use Reels

Reels are one of the newest features that have been brought to Instagram. These fun and engaging short videos are popular despite their recent introduction. Posting reels is another way to find your target audience and grow in your niche. Make sure they are well-designed and brand appropriate!


Using Instagram for social media marketing is an incredibly effective approach. It gives you the ability to reach a large target audience and talk to them directly. Before you start preparing to grow your account, make sure that you know your niche and are ready to post continuous and engaging content that will encourage people to give your account a follow!

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