We at Extra Mile recognize the immense benefits of Social Media Marketing and offer a wide range of Social Media Marketing Services and packages to suit a diverse range of companies, goals, and niches

Why Us ?

We know running a 21st-century business can be stressful and time-consuming. That’s why we’re here, to help you utilize the benefits of the internet to grow your business, allowing you to focus on the administrative aspect.
With years of experience in managing social media platforms for tens of clients, raising engagement rates and exceeding expectations, we create custom digital marketing strategies for each client to ensure we deliver the best possible results.
We offer the ‘Extra Mile’ social package which can include creating humorous and custom pictures and memes, targeting a specific target market using keywords and up-to-date trends, and creating marketing campaigns around unique holidays. All these allow for a more pleasurable experience for the customers, a more positive brand recognition for you, growth of followers and increased visibility of your products to your target market.

What’s included ?

To ensure efficient and quality results, all our packages include the following regardless of the price

  • Regular screened postings based on content available from your website, trends, related websites with the purpose of generating interactions, social media shares, and to raise the engagement rate.
  • Targeted campaigns and advertisements focused on increasing customer base that adds value to your business
  • Analyzing of conversion and other related data, and streamlining of digital marketing strategy to achieve increased efficiency
  • Spam Monitoring
  • Monthly progress reports showing detailed feedback on various monitoring metrics
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Facebook remains a force to be reckoned with in the world of digital marketing. With over 2.32 billion monthly active Facebook users, the platform offers a vast number of marketing opportunities and potential customers. A Facebook page and Ads can be used to drive traffic, generate leads, increase website conversions, and boost your online presence.

We can properly utilize Facebook for your digital marketing outreach and provide you facebook ad management services.

  • Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Facebook Events
  • Promoted FB Posts
  • Audience Analysis
  • Remarketing Campaigns
  • Daily/Weekly Postings
social media marketing services - Facebook


LinkedIn remains the ultimate social network tool for professionals and an effective tool for generating B2B leads. LinkedIn themselves noted that 51% of companies acquired a B2C customer through LinkedIn. This is a testament to the number of opportunities present on the social network. We offer LinkedIn packages, taking advantage of the opportunities present to generate quality leads for you

  • LinkedIn Group Research and Posting
  • Targeted Campaigns
  • Promoted Posts
social media marketing services- Linkedin Services


With over 321 million monthly users in 2018, Twitter remains one of the fastest-growing social platforms today.Also used for information dispersal by hundreds of companies and governments, Twitter remains a formidable tool in reaching out to the youths and millennials.We can help you reach out to this unique age demographic

  • Increased Leads and Sales
  • 100% Manual Growth
  • Remarketing Campaigns
  • Targeted Ads and Tweets
  • Spam Monitoring
  • Promoted Posts


What do we deliver ?

  • An increase in the number of followers.
  • Better metrics using a scalable approach
  • Guidance and support from a social media expert
  • Increased brand recognition.
  • Good engagement rates with a loyal customer base
social media marketing services- Twitter