Chatbot Creation and Chatbot Marketing

In addition to providing services or products, the experience a company provides is vital for customer satisfaction. This is where chatbots come in handy. A chatbot plays a critical role in customer service automation.

What is a chatbot?

As the name suggests, a chatbot is an AI-based computer program that serves the purpose of simulating conversations with humans. Such a program tends to understand human capabilities. Chatbots act as digital assistants, and they can give prompt relevant answers to user requests. One of the most important tasks of a chatbot is to extract the relevant entities from the user’s request. As a result, an appropriate response can be delivered to the user once the analysis is done.

Why chatbots are popular?

Chatbots are very useful in business to save both time and effort in customer support. Many people believe that they can only give responses to the user’s request. But there’s much more a chatbot offers to the users. They are well-known for organizing meetings, collecting information about users and much more.

Remember, text messages are considered to be the most used medium of communication in today’s modern world. It’s no wonder that chatbots are so popular. You can hardly anticipate whether you are talking with a human or bot. Most importantly, chatbots are more likely to convert leads into qualified leads for your business. Here are some of the reasons why chatbots are becoming more and more popular with each passing day:

  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Can greet as warmly as human
  • Can be used for casual chats
  • Can give prompt answers
  • Keep it real whether as a salesperson or shop assistant

By automating various aspects of customer support, chatbots have become very beneficial in any business.

How to use chatbots for marketing

Chatbots can be a part of your digital marketing campaign and help your customers seamlessly. There are so many ways to use chatbots in marketing initiatives. Let’s take a look at some ways in which a chatbot can fit into your marketing strategy.
Personalized customer experience
Providing a personalized customer experience plays a crucial role in generating successful leads. This is where a chatbot comes in handy, offering your customers a personalized experience. Chatbots can integrate social media and gather more information about every customer with whom they interact. By doing so, a chatbot can answer the customer inquiry accurately and offer shopping advice depending on the user’s purchase history and preferences.
Relevant notifications
There is no need to keep your customers notified every time something happens to your business. Chatbots have the capability to capture and analyze data, so they send only the relevant notifications that the customers want to know about. Such notifications are personalized to every user.
Keep your online presence
Focusing on your social media presence is a key to success. It is the most important part of a marketing campaign. However, it can be time-consuming and overwhelming for you to answer every inquiry of the customers on your own. With the help of a chatbot, you can ensure a 24/7 online presence. This helps you save time, money and effort for customer support.

4 examples of how businesses are using chatbots

More and more businesses are using chatbots in exciting ways. The AI-based chatbots are the future of marketing and customer support. Such bots present new opportunities for your business. Here are four examples of businesses that use chatbots:
Do you love music? Spotify’s bot can help you search for music you like the most. It helps customers by providing playlist recommendations depending on your mood. As a result, you can listen to any genre of music you want.
Whole Foods
Whole Foods know the importance of using chatbots to help customers shop. Such a bot lets you search for recipes and provides effective assistance. What makes it so special? You can search for your favorite recipes by emoji. Moreover, you can also filter results for your special dietary needs.
Mastercard’s bot plays a vital role in providing a reliable platform to customers. It lets them check account transactions more easily. This company offers many features to the customers with the help of chatbots. Most importantly, they can buy from Mastercard partners as well.
The Wall Street Journal

Want to keep updated with the big news and stock quotes? The Wall Street Journal chatbot provides customized alerts to customers. All you need is to type in simple commands and a chatbot will provide you with key financial metrics, company information, live stock quotes and much more.

Automation technologies like chatbots are shaping different areas of our lives. They can benefit your business in numerous ways. Such AI-based technology continues to impact users and businesses globally. We can help you build chatbots to grow your online business whether small or large. Save your time and increase ROI with the help of chatbots.

If you need help building a chatbot, having it implemented on your website, and/or incorporating it into your marketing, contact Extra Mile Social Media for help.