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Don’t have the time to spend numerous hours into “perfecting” your SEO and content development on your website?
Multiple hundreds of thousands of other business owners and entrepreneurs are in the same boat.
And they can’t quite find why their business still isn’t getting the traffic it should be.
Or worse, they’re getting the traffic, but it’s not translating to as many sales as they’d like it to!
In some cases, the reason traffic isn’t converting is a simple matter of the wrong keywords.
Maybe the keywords you’ve chosen are too competitive, or maybe they’re not actually “buyer” keywords.
In-depth Keyword researching is the missing link that will get you where you need to go.
Using our proven keyword research methodology, we pinpoint the precise long tail keywords you need to be using to get your business the volume, and type of exposure you need to truly increase your quality traffic and sales.

Advanced SEO Keyword Research

If This is The Missing Link, Then Why Isn’t Everyone Doing It?

The answer to that question is simple.
Most people, even many “SEO Experts” out there, don’t truly know how to scavenge the market and find the specific keywords and phrases that will grab your business by the hand, and pull it out from the bottom of the ocean like we can.
We specialize in Google keyword research, Youtubevideo research, Amazon keyword research, and many other advanced keyword research strategies and platforms to find the perfect keywords and phrases for your market.
Extra Mile Social Media offers outsourced keyword research services that can and will fuel the flame of your business to get you multiple times the exposure you’ve been getting.

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How Hard Could It Be to Do the Keyword Research Yourself?

Well, very hard if you don’t know the right secrets. For one main reason:
Keyword Researching isn’t just about getting traffic to your business, it’s about getting the RIGHT traffic to your business.
In most cases, finding the RIGHT traffic is all about finding the people who are the most serious about making a purchase in the immediate future, or RIGHT NOW.
In other words, you’re looking for people who are furthest in the buying cycle.
Of course people who are still in the research phase are great… they’ll buy someday. But why not target the “low hanging fruit” who are ready to buy RIGHT NOW?
Imagine going fishing, setting out to catch the largest fish you can, but all you brought with you was a small net and a can of worms?
It’s not going to work, right? All you’re going to end up catching is a few small fish that you aren’t even interested in, and you’ll probably just dump them straight back into the water.
That’s why our keyword research services are delicately designed to track down the hottest keywords and phrases to integrate into your business.
We’re looking for untapped or under-capitalized keywords – Phrases your competitors haven’t tapped into or don’t even know about!
We have the right SEO keyword research tips and tricks to bring in all of your ideal prospects to the exact right place; YOUR BUSINESS.

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High Quality Keyword Research

SEO keyword researching is all about adapting. Our methods of finding the right key phrases adapt with the times. They will keep your site right below the search bar.
Click here to request a keyword audit.
We’ll take a look at your existing keywords to determine how much room there is for improvement, then we’ll suggest a few ways you can take your business to the next level!