How to Get the Best SEO Service for Your Company

Every day thousands of people are searching for and looking to buy exactly what YOUR business sells.
Whether you operate a local business, or a national or global brand, people are actively looking for YOU right now.
The question is whether they buy from you, or someone else.
These people are using “search engines” like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to find products and services they’re interested in buying.
At Extra Mile Social Media, we specialize in providing professional SEO services that put your company and your offers directly into that stream of eager prospects, so your products or services stay top of mind, and most importantly, grow your revenue through the influx of traffic and sales.

How do we do that?
We specialize in delivering professional SEO services.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization

Basically, search engine optimization, or SEO is the process of making your brand appear higher in searches related to what you sell.
So when someone who’s looking for your product or service goes to Google, and types in a search, you are at the top of the list.
Why is this important? Because over 90% of clicks on Google search results are attributed to the top 3 links.
Almost nobody scrolls down the list to look at the “lesser” options even on the first page. And virtually ZERO people make it to the second page.
That means if your business isn’t somewhere near the top of the list, you are missing out on 90% to 100% of those opportunities.

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Search Engine Optimisation Services

What Do our Professional SEO Services Entail?

The best SEO service providers understand that getting you in front of more traffic is the top priority.
First of all, this means understanding which “Keywords” your business should aim to rank for.
Depending on the area you offer your products or services in, the nature of your specific business, and the ecosystem of the competition, we strategically select keywords where you can dominate the traffic while attracting your ideal prospects.
To determine the best keywords for you, we conduct extensive keyword research.
We analyze data from a number of different angles to determine where you have the best competitive edge, so you can be ranked as highly as possible, in a short period of time.
From there, we work to optimize each element of your website so that search engines’ (like Google, Yahoo, and Bing) algorithms place you highly in searches that include your specific keywords.
Aside from keyword research, we do a technical audit and work with your developers on technical best practices for SEO such as having a mobile friendly website and fast webpage load times.
We also work with your PR team or with our PR partners to help increase your company branding/visibility and help build your website domain authority. Aside from the keywords you use on your site, the domain authority of your website which means the number of high-quality backlinks from other authority 3rd party websites as one of the biggest factors that determine your factors in determine search engine rankings.
Tired of seeing your competitors appear higher than you in searches for YOUR product or service?

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We’ll take an in-depth look at each aspect of your website, and give you a detailed report on exactly how you can start ranking higher today!
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Search Engine Optimisation Services